August 2, 2012

The low growl in his voice drew a teasing finger down her spine.

She arched into it, sheets wrinkling beneath her, damp fabric clinging to her thighs. Liquid, rich timbre weighed against her chest, rolled in her belly, calling forth a familiar, singing ache that reverberated between her thighs in steady, demanding thrums.

Her breaths escaped in gasps. A hand balled itself into the blanket, nails digging into the fabric. The CD cases clicked and clattered against each other, sliding over the bed with each tug of her hand, each jerk of her body.

The headphones hugged her ears, deafened her to all else but the sultry, ragged croon.  Her free hand danced over the swell of her breast, fingertips slick and wet, catching a hardened peak between them.

A sharp, keen cry escaped from her lips, her hips rolling up involuntarily. Seeking. She pulsed to the beats, vibrated to the strings, each strum gliding up her legs in a silky stroke, coaxing her legs to fall wide.

Impatient, eager fingers skipping down her belly, drumming out quick triplets in wet, slippery taps. They followed  his voice, dipping low to the hot, swollen apex of her thighs.

She rippled to the crash of cymbals, her voice rising in breathless harmony against his. Fingers plunged, filled, and emptied in sharp staccatos. Body pulled taunt, she rode the crescendo, heels digging into twisted sheets, wordless cries drowned in the swelling cadences. She peaked, breath, hip, fingers arrested, under the suspended note.

Breaths quick and shallow, she closed her eyes, fingers drawing lazy, wet circles over her stomach, the quiet whirring of an empty track echoing in her ears.

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