Photography Session: Session Four

April 26, 2010

Final snippet: fourth of four.

His voice was low, intimate- the sound of candlelit bedrooms and moonless nights, clandestine meetings and fevered kisses. And somehow it scared me more than anything he’d said or done. I wet my lips. “Not that you’re complaining.”

Arms trapping me close, the smell of him lingering about us, he’d surrounded me with him. The fingers about my wrists tightened. He growled. The noise rolled down my spine in a delicious cascade. He released my chin, his hand slipping down, whispering against the collar of my shirt. His breath brushed against my cheek. “Not at all.”

Quinn stalked forward, stopping close enough that I could see myself distorted in the glass eye of the camera. He stooped a little and I caught the flush of red at the base of his neck. Beneath the camera, his lips quirked in a small smile; bemusement rang in his voice. “And you aren’t either, are you, Cam?”

The fingers that curled beneath my chin and tilted my head up were hot, steady. The lights flashed in my eyes again, but I kept them open, letting the bright dots subside. Quinn didn’t really need to hold me. The camera itself held me arrested, capturing me even before my image hit the film. I couldn’t look away, even if I wanted to.

The cool night air hit my chest. I gasped, jerking back against Lukas. The lights flashed and he captured my shock and want. The grip on my jaw tightened when I tried to look away. I swallowed, pulse fluttering frantically against my throat as Lukas pushed off the shirt of my shoulders.

My nipples puckered and stiffened against my bra. Each breath I took dragged them against the fabric of the bra; sizzling sensations pulsed through me, making my breaths uneven and shallow. I shivered; my panties clung to me, damp from my arousal.

Lukas chuckled. “Cold?”

My face burned. So did my entire body. I wanted to look down, to check if my body was as obvious as I felt, to cover up and hide the evidences. But Quinn’s fingers kept my gaze fixed on the camera and Lukas’s grip remained tight on my hands.

Quinn’s hand tilted. A shuddering breath fell from my lips as the camera paused at them, performing for him unthinkingly. The focus of the camera slipped lower.

There was nothing gentle or polite about the descent. Insistent, blunt, it stripped me of all possible illusions modesty with a stunning force.

And, God help me, I could feel my body answering the silent call.

I wriggled again and clamped my thighs together, trying to ease the throbbing ache there. The seam of the jeans dug into me and pressed hard against the ball of nerves there. The sensation jolted up my spine, pulling me taunt and my back to arch. Need plowed into me, overwhelming me in both its intensity and urgency. I drew in a sharp breath, my fingers balled up against my belly. It didn’t help when Lukas’s free hand dragged over my jeans, a shadow away from the source of my distraction and distress. Just a few more inches down and then…The plea caught in my throat and instead, low whine flew from my lips.

The ache there built at a terrifying speed, engulfing all of my senses with a near tangible desire- the desire to lick, claw, bite, suck. The raw, primal edges to it shocked and rattled me, enough so that I reined myself back in, away from the precipice that they’d succeeded in dangling me over. I bit down hard on my lower lip, tasting the salt there. What the hell was I doing? That all the blood in my body was being contributed to the monstrous blush on my face must have left me unable to do simple things like, oh, retain common sense.

As if sensing the change, Lukas brought a hand down, slipping it between my legs. He dragged his fingers over the rough fabric. It caught and released his nails; the tugs strummed against my sex, the inner muscles there twitched and clenched in response. My hips jerked and he pulled his hand away. I groaned, frustration and fear robbing me of my words.

“Tsk. Tsk.” I could hear the smile in his voice. Bastard. “Come on, Cam. Use your words.”

But the movements of his hips belied the patience in his words as did the way he flicked open the button of my jeans. I gritted my teeth, shuddering as his fingers slipped along my inner thighs then stopping at the apex of them. The heat of his hand burned me even through the denim, and I could feel myself opening, hungry for attention even against the fabric.

Through my daze, I heard the sound of the teeth of the zippers clicked against each other with each teasing tug.

I froze. The blood drained from my face, leaving behind prickles of numbness. So maybe the camera had uncovered the exhibitionist in me, but like hell I was going to be photographed in all of my naked un-glory.

Whatever showed on my face made Quinn lowered his camera. The grip on my chin softened into a caress. He swept his thumb over my lips. I fought the urge to lick at it, to take it in my mouth, and if I hadn’t been shocked out of my lust-hazed state, I would’ve. But I still couldn’t stop myself from leaning into the steady, warm hand, feeling frighteningly vulnerable and protected at the same time.

His lips swallowed my gasp. Vaguely, I felt the hand about my wrist tightened. Demanding, his mouth devoured my lips, confident, deepening the kiss slowly, as though he had all the time in the world. I melt into the dance of tongues, the brief dual for dominance that inevitably ended with his victory. He nipped at my lower lip; the sharp stab of pain shot straight to my sex, making me shudder against Lukas.

He pulled away, his voice low and rough. “Turn her around.”

The taste of Quinn’s lips still lingering and my head spinning from the implications, I allowed Lukas to turn me about. It was only when my fingers settled against his chest did I realized what a precarious place it had landed me.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at him. Instead, I focused my gaze on the haphazard flip of his collar over his right shoulder. His skin burned my fingers, smooth and taunt against my hands. The fluid shifts of his muscles as he moved teased me with its wicked potential. The beat of his heart thumped against my palm, slower than mine, and even more so when he spoke again. “Watch your knees, Cam. Especially if you don’t want to listen to another clichéd line like ‘kiss it to make it better.’”

I jumped when his fingers closed about my ankles, rearranging my legs so that my knees rested on either side of his hips. The erection that had been bruising my back was trapped between us, hot and straining against his slacks. The moistness between my thighs grew. I blushed, wondering if he could feel me through our clothes. It was a miracle that I didn’t pass out yet from the lack of blood circulating through the rest of my body.

The bed creaked and dipped as Quinn climbed onto the foot of the bed. “Relax a little, Cam.”

Easy for him to say.

I started when Lukas’s fingers skimmed over my arms, pushing down the straps of my bra. A whimper broke from my lips before I could stifle it when the entire bra was tugged away from me a second later.

The muscles along his throat tensed, as though he wanted to say something, but no words came. He slipped his fingers down between us. Over the roar of my pulse pounding in my ears came the snicks of the zipper being pulled free. He tugged my jeans down, movements fast, firm, brooking no resistance. “Quinn, want to stop for a moment and help us out here?”

I wanted desperately to turn around and see what Quinn was doing, but the sudden weight of his hand (or was it Lukas’s hand?) against the small of my back held me still. Thrown off balance by the yank from behind that freed me of my pants, I fell forward. My chest against Lukas’s, I could feel every breath that he took, each rise and fall a delicious friction that ravaged me, making me quake with each brush.

Desire surged through me, seared me. Slowly, hesitantly, I let my full weight rest against him, the fabric of his slacks pricking at my thighs. His fingers dragged along my legs and stopped at the waistband of my panties.

I shivered, struggling to grasp at the words that seemed to evade me despite all attempts. The snap of the elastic band of my panties stirred my thoughts, shifting them too fast for me to catch. At length, I finally summoned up a name. “Quinn?”

His voice was close. I could hear the same ragged, barely controlled edge in his breaths as I did in ours. “Look at him, Cam.”

I let my gaze flick to Lukas’s face for a second, scared that if I linger too long it would break the spell of the moment. But the look on his face held me transfixed. Dreamy, lazy, at the same time, laced with a white-cored intensity, it stunned me. His gaze focused back in on my face, our eyes meeting with almost an audible click.

“Would you look at that? Isn’t this a bit unprofessional, Lukas?” Quinn’s voice was right next to my ear now. His hands settled against my shoulders, pulling me back a little. I wrapped my arms about me, covering my breasts.

A crooked smile on his lips, Lukas unfastened the button of the slack. “You’re not one to speak.”

Quinn brushed his fingers over the gusset of my panties before pushing aside the fabric. My breath came in a gasping squeak. I bucked against his hand, the slick passage offering no resistance against his questing fingers that slipped in unhesitatingly. The blankets wrinkled beneath me, silk, satin, cotton, folded against the digging of my feet into the bed. “Mm. Even you, Cam. It seems like I’m working with a bunch of amateurs today.” He brought his hand up. Traces of my arousal glinted on his fingers, the smell of it thick in the air. I averted my gaze, terribly aware of the hardened peaks of my breasts that throbbed against my hands. He clucked his tongue. “Shy, Cam? Never thought that you would be the type to get squeamish in bed.”

“I’m not…” I choked on my words. Oh dear. There went the rest of my brain, running off to join whatever little modesty that Lukas had with that final pull of his zipper. Hope those were his own pants, because there was no way the costume department was going to take it back again.

The laugh came from Quinn this time. “Watch.”

I shook my head violently. I’d never been one to stare at that…particular anatomy. Though out of the corners of my eyes, I caught the movements of his hand and there was no way I could ignore the soft catch of breaths there, and both made me a little- or a lot- squirmy on the inside in the most exquisite way.

His fingers caught my hair, tangling in the curls. Twisting it about his hand, he pulled my head back. I yelped, more out of surprise than pain when he moved me just so that my neck arched and I was staring up into his face. “You will.” Damn it, I was starting to like that tone of his voice a little too much. And the heat I could feel radiating from every single inch of my body suggested that it did too. “He performs best when there’s an audience anyway.”

Questions that rose to my mind were fragmented and thrown askew the moment he turned my head back to Lukas.

Maybe all of their games and batting me about had me dizzy and delirious. Maybe the brief stunt in front of the camera lent me some courage. Maybe that they teased so well without actually doing anything finally got to me. Or maybe it was Lukas before me, fingers stroking languidly, and Quinn’s voice echoing in my ears, the swell in his pants against my back, pinpricks of pain from his tight grip in my hair heightening my senses.

Desired and to desire- It swam through my veins, intoxicating, addicting, doubling with every beat of my heart until it filled me, drowned me.

I crawled up toward Lukas again, drunk on that sensation. The feeling of being pressed against his body felt inexplicably like a homecoming. His eyes locked on mine, his slick fingers settled about my wrist, guiding my hand down between us. He throbbed against my palm, the heat warming my fingers, his precum moistening my fingertips. His hips rocked ever so slightly, slipping in and out of my grip. My inner muscles clenched and released in answer to his thrusts.

My lips found that juncture where his neck and shoulder met, where I’d so avidly fixed my gaze upon earlier. The salt of his skin, the finally visceral tang shot through me. His groan rumbled against me and I echoed with a low murmur as my sex pulsed. My breaths chased his, rushing out in gasps.

His fingers brushed against my swollen clit carelessly. I cried into the crook of his neck, arms flying to clasp about his neck. Every nerve in my body sizzled. The world narrowed down to those fingers and the madness that it drew me towards with each glide.


Quinn’s word came at a distance, as did the shift of Lukas’s weight and foil crinkling.

A whine rolled in the back of my throat. Lukas’s fingers settled about my hips. I braced myself against his shoulders, and lifted myself up. His fingers tightened, stopping me from sheathing down upon him completely. “Cam.”

“Mm?” I couldn’t manage anything more eloquent. My hips moved of their own volition over the latex-covered tip. He hissed, his grip bruising me. I groaned, opening my eyes; my fingers dug into his shoulders.

I mewled against his mouth. Chaste, fleeting, the kiss barely registered before he pulled away again. “Stop.” His lips brushed against mine as he spoke, his panting breaths cutting his words short. “Slow now, all right?”

Slow. It was tortuously, exquisitely slow when I sank down on him. He muffled my cries and protests with his lip, trailing a series of kisses over my jaw. His fingers pressed hard against me, a strangled gasp burst against my neck as my thighs met his. His body quaked against mine, his muscles pulled taunt. I ran my fingers over him; the barely restrained strength vibrated beneath my fingers- the knowledge of it terrifying, thrilling. He filled me, stretched me just shy of being painful. I reveled in the delicious, slick friction, of my hips bucking against his, of being filled and emptied.

Quinn’s callused fingers brushed over the aching tips of my breasts, making me shudder against him. My hips jerked against Lukas’s grip. I whimpered. It was there. That frighteningly tangible climax. Shimmering a second, a breath away. “You should stop tormenting the poor girl, Lukas.”

Lukas stopped. His arms tightened about me, holding me still, stopping me from impaling on him. I bit my lip, my sex fluttered about him, hungry, desperate.

I almost heard the click of a flipped switch.

Frantic. Hard. Fast. The musky scent of sex and sweat surrounded us, seeped into our pores. My head lolled to the side, incoherent words falling fast from my lips, half-pleas, half-wordless babble. Odd nips dotted across my shoulders, neck, breasts. Lips, tongues, fingers, hands- They tangled, twisted, danced to an age old song, the slap of slick skin against skin the rhythm to which it was played. My body hummed, pulled tight against the skillful fingers that it was being played by.

I came with a choked scream. Groans and gasps reverberated about me. Amidst it all, Lukas jerked sharply against me, in me. His breaths, hot, moist, fanned against my cheeks. My sex convulsed, inner walls clenching. The climax rocked through me, shaking me from my very core. It rippled out in endless waves, drawing me deeper and deeper until it consumed me. The sensation blinded and deafened me to all else, muting all sensations save for that lovely, lovely feeling of floating in a lazy pool of bliss.

The silence hanging in the room was broken only by our heavy breaths and the rustles of blankets. I murmured in discomfort as I was lifted from Lukas. Quinn’s arms circled about me, pulling me tight against his chest. I curled bonelessly into his embrace, the fabric of his shirt soft against my cheek. His erection pressed against my hip but he made no attempts of moving.

I wriggled. Moving was the last thing on my mind though, my body limp and raw. “Quinn?”

He sighed. His index finger and thumb worked their magic on my neck, the weight and heat of his hand reassuring. “Shh.”

Lukas’s fingers skimmed over my legs, massaging the trembling muscles there, his touch a good deal more intimate, more personal than even when he slipped off my shirt. Letting out a shuddering breath, I caught his hand. He glanced up at me, lacing his fingers through mine.

I closed my eyes. Lukas squeezed my hand, our palms hot against each others. Pushing all thoughts threatening my peace aside, I sank back against Quinn. There would be time for that later. Much later.

They picked up on the third ring. I didn’t wait for whoever was on the line to speak. “Whose head do I have to knock this time?”

A laugh. Lukas. “You saw it?”

“It” was the huge poster on display behind the window, featuring me sitting astride Lukas- Not that you could see anything more than his hands along my back, tracing the spots where my bra should’ve been. I cast a furtive look at the people eddying about. They shouldn’t recognize me-I hope- but the knowledge did nothing to soothe my paranoia. “Oh yeah. I’ve seen it.”

“I thought it looked nice.” He was grinning, I was sure of it. “Quinn. It’s Cam.”

There was some rustling in the background, the sound of things being moved and a crash. I winced. Not the files on the table, please. Those took forever to organize. It sounded more like the cuffs at any rate. My body warmed. Bad girl. No fantasizing while standing on the sidewalk. “Where are you?” A note of impatience tinged Quinn’s voice. “You were supposed to be back an hour ago.”

“You said you’re only going to use my shadow!” A few passersby glanced at me and I lowered my voice. “What the hell, Quinn?”

“But the client chose that one. And whatever makes the client happy, right?”

“That was supposed to be part of the private-”

His voice dropped to a hushed growl. “Come home, Cam. We need to celebrate the release.”

“It’s not our release-”



“Just come home.”

I sighed. “Don’t you want me to pick up anything then?”

“Not the type of celebration that we have in mind.”

I couldn’t stop the trickle of thrill that shivered down my spine. “Then what?”

“We were thinking a reenactment.”


“Mm. Yes.”

“…Fine.” Who was I kidding? I couldn’t even keep my voice flat long enough to play off nonchalance.

“Oh but Cam?”


“Pick up some films on the way home. We’re going to need them.”

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